FORMER Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley has shared a hilarious honeymoon snap of her falling off a camel.

The 36-year-old has kept her 615,000 Instagram followers entertained throughout lockdown with rib-tickling sketches as her comedy character Olga.

Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley shared a hilarious honeymoon snap of her falling off a camel

Yet, the actress turned the focus onto herself by sharing the ultimate ‘Instagram vs reality’ post when she and her husband Tom took a spill on a camel.

Firstly, Catherine, who celebrated her wedding anniversary this week, shared a photo of her and Tom sitting on the animal as they happily posed for a photo during their 2016 honeymoon to Dubai.

The ITV darling then shared in the same post another picture of the couple in despair and holding on tightly to the saddle as the camel got to its feet.

She penned: “Looking through old honeymoon pics on our anniversary… this still makes me wee 😂😂😂😂 insta vs reality.

“Trust us to pic the one loony camel 😂🙄 @tompitfieldimages”.

Earlier this week, Catherine also celebrated her wedding anniversary to Tom.

In a gushing post online, the mum-of-one thanked him for telling her she looks beautiful – even if she’s wearing PJs covered in sick.

“Happy Anniversary… what we have achieved in the last few years is nothing short of AMAZING,” she told Tom.

“Thankyou for always giving me wings. For supporting my hopes and dreams- it is through our dreams that our souls truly shine. Thankyou for being the best daddy in the world.

“For constantly cooking awesome food. For tidying up my mess 24/7. For every song/ dance and monologue that you’ve patiently sat through.

“For telling me I look beautiful even when I’m wearing Harry Potter PJs/covered in baby sick/have the worst lockdown hair known to man. For every time you’ve held my hand behind the sequins and sparkles and quietly whispered ‘I’m here. You can do this’.

“For trekking around the world/up and down the Uk because mummy has a new job that her heart needs to do. For loving my parents as much as I do. For scrubbing my fake tan of the tiles. For hoovering up my lost extensions/false lashes.

“For supporting my mental health/erratic hormones. I love you. I love you every day- non stop. Thankyou for every beautiful day you give us.

“Your soul is the kindest and funniest of souls. You’re a rare bread my love – I plan on keeping you for a very long time indeed. Love you pickle.”