DAVID Beckham has gone back to his East End roots, taking his family to a pie-and-mash shop where he slurped up a bucket of jellied eels.

The star was joined on the trip to Cockney hotspot Tony’s in Waltham Forest by sons Romeo, 17, Cruz, 14, and mum Sandra, 70.


David Beckham had a ‘much needed’ pie with eels and orange squash[/caption]


Romeo, Cruz and a pal posed next to the pie and mash menu[/caption]

The 44-year-old star heralded his appearance in the white-and-green tiled food spot by posing with his dinner, writing: “Much needed visit to see Tony.”

After demolishing a pie with mash and liquor at the shop, down the road from where he grew up in Leytonstone, he moved on to the eels, sharing pictures of both.

Sadly, wife Victoria was unable to make the trip to the Cockney pie emporium to inhale jellied sea creatures with the rest of her family.

While they were embracing East End life, 45-year-old Posh was posting about the “fluid silhouettes in punchy colours” of her new fashion line on Instagram.


He started with a steaming plate of pie with scoops of mash[/caption]


Becks later devoured a tub of jellied eels from a white container[/caption]


He posed with his mum Sandra outside the famous shop[/caption]

David, who makes £1 million a month despite retiring from football years ago, would have bagged his whole dinner for under a tenner.

Pie and mash at Tony’s costs just £4.30 while the jellied eels will have set back Becks – worth an estimated £330 million – another £3.50.

It’s not known how much the orange squash he washed the meal down with would have cost the star.

David later posed outside the establishment, which opened in 1992, alongside the owner and mum Sandra.


He joked outside that Romeo was pretending to be taller than him[/caption]

David Beckham chowed down at Tony's Pie and Mash in Waltham in Abbey today
David in the same hat at Tony’s Pie and Mash back in 2017
Becks took his youngest son Brooklyn there a few months ago - wearing the same hat
Becks took his youngest son Cruz there months earlier – in the same hat again

Both his sons also appeared dressed in tops bearing the logo of Justin Bieber’s fashion line Drew in a picture taken behind the counter.

Tagging them all in, including a pal who had joined for the day, David captioned it simply: “Squad.”

It is far from the first time David has paid a visit to Tony’s – he popped in wearing the same flat cap with Cruz in 2017.

He also had the pie and mash delivered to the Tottenham Hotspur team while training at the London club in 2011.


Then-manager Harry Redknapp said later: “The foreign lads weren’t too sure. It’s only us Cockneys who know what pie and mash is.

“I was brought up on it so when they came I had three.”

Shop owner Tony Lane explained at the time: “Victoria doesn’t eat it, I don’t think she’s a pie and mash girl, but his boys seem to love it.”