BRITISH Tribe Next Door viewers have branded the Channel 4 production “disgusting” after Scarlett Moffatt’s house was uprooted to a remote African village.

The programme, which sees The Googlebox family’s County Durham semi relocated to the dusty plains of Namibia, has left fans outraged.

Channel 4

Viewers have called the Channel 4 production ‘disgusting’[/caption]

During tonight’s episode, Scarlett, 29, and her family adjusted to life in Namibia.

The controversial show wasn’t without its critics as viewers admitted they were “infuriated” at the fact the family were allowed to live in the kitted out home.

One wrote: “So still don’t get the point of it?!?Why have the 3 bed furnished house with running water shoved down their throats? The Brit family seem like they could’ve adapted fine to living in one of the huts for a week. The house is just an insult to all of them. #thebritishtribenextdoor”.

Another commented: “Wait, hold up. They literally went to Namibia, to build a house with running water and f**king WiFi just for a TV show but there are millions of people that are dying on the streets and don’t have access to running water. I am full on disgusted. #Channel4 #TheBritishTribeNextDoor”.

Channel 4

Scarlett’s house was completed with WiFi, running water and electricity[/caption]

Channel 4

The Moffatt family arrived[/caption]

Channel 4

Scarlett appeared to fit in with the tribe[/caption]

A third fumed: “So infuriating to see Scarlett Moffat refuse to get her stomach out so the tribe can do something lovely for her because she feels “insecure” when she’s literally in the middle of a village with no running water, death and hardship #thebritishtribenextdoor”.

During the four week stay, the Brits won’t be abandoning their creature comforts to live like the cattle-herding people.

Instead they will have their everyday luxuries like running water, electricity, hair straighteners, iPhones, ready meals and even a TV.

And while some viewers were outraged by the concept, others believed the show was a good way of educating the public.

Channel 4

The Gogglebox family has moved into the remote African village.[/caption]

Channel 4

The tribe disapproved of Scarlett’s choice of clothing[/caption]

Channel 4

The former I’m A Celeb winner was torn after the tribe asked her to bare it all[/caption]

“Beautiful social experiment, and honestly would love to live in a community of simplicity. #thebritishtribenextdoor @ScarlettMoffatt,” a viewer wrote.

While another said: “Just watched #TheBritishTribeNextDoor – so refreshing to watch, the difference in cultures is truly eye opening. I do hope Scarlet ends up wearing Namibia clothing!!”

During the hour long episode, Scarlett refused to wear a topless dress similar to that of women in the tribe.

Speaking about her own insecurities, she says: “I don’t want them to feel like I don’t appreciate what they’ve done.

Channel 4

The tribe women revealed they’d love ‘tummy fat’[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Scarlett’s show has left viewers divided[/caption]

“I don’t want to get my titties out. It’s a tough choice.”

However, later on in the show, the tribe women reveal they’d love a similar figure to the former I’m A Celeb star.

One said: “I wish I had bigger boobs like yours.”

Another commented: “I want my tummy fat to roll.”

Scarlett has said that she and her family learned “an enormous amount” from the tribespeople.

She revealed: “This is one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life.

“I feel privileged and humbled that the Himba tribe invited us to join them and we have all learnt an enormous amount.”

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